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Pix Plus is a series of drawings done in 2014 and shared on social media to let people know about Pix before the first graphic novel came out. The drawings featured Pix in team-ups with various characters from kid-friendly comics and graphic novels.

Pix plus…the Color Guardians from Chris Giarrusso’s G-MAN books!
Pix plus…Faith Erin Hicks’ Superhero Girl
Pix plus…Dave Roman’s Starbunny
Pix plus…Emily Hayes from AMULET by Kazu Kibuishi (with Jason Caffoe)
Pix plus…Joey Weiser’s Mermin!
Pix plus…Action Cat and Adventure Bug from Art Baltazar and Franco’s Aw Yeah Comics
Pix plus…Jay Fosgitt’s Bodie Troll
Pix plus…Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard’s Super Dinosaur and Derek Domino!
Pix plus…Ben Hatke’s Zita the Space Girl!
Pix plus…Jerzy Drozd’s Boulder and Fleet, Adventurers for Hire
Pix plus…Frank Cammuso’s Salem Hyde and Whammy
Pix plus…Cleopatra from Mike Maihack’s CLEOPATRA IN SPACE
Pix plus…The Lumberjanes (created by Grace Ellis,
Shannon Watters, Noelle Stephenson, & Brooke Allen)
Pix plus…Amelia McBride from Jimmy Gownley’s AMELIA RULES!
Pix plus…Claudette from Rafael Rosado and Jorge Aguirre’s
Pix plus…Eleanor Davis’ Secret Science Alliance!
Pix plus…Roger Langridge’s Abigail and the Snowman
Pix plus…Grandma Ben fighting stupid, stupid rat creatures from Jeff Smith’s BONE.
Pix plus…Rapunzel from Shannon and Dean Hale and Nathan Hale’s RAPUNZEL’S REVENGE
Pix plus…Ted Naifeh’s Princess Ugg
Pix plus…The Green Turtle from Gene Leun Yang and Sonny Lieu’s THE SHADOW HERO
Pix plus…Barbara Thorson from Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura’s I KILL GIANTS
Pix plus…Jake Parker’s Missile Mouse
Pix plus…Brian Smith’s Intrepid Escapegoat and Princess Isis
Pix plus…Cece Bell’s El Deafo!
Pix plus…Chance Falconer and St. George from
James Robinson and Paul Smith’s LEAVE IT TO CHANCE