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Emaline Laurel Pixley, AKA Pix, is a super-powered teenager.

She wears an awesome costume and uses her powers to stop threats and help those in need.

Pix is a superhero.

Pix says she’s part fairy.

fairy princess, in fact, as she claims her father rules the fairy kingdom
and that’s why she has powers.

People call Pix a weirdo.

Hero or weirdo, is Pix the fairy princess she claims to be?

“It’s bright, sincere, and fun.”

Erica Henderson, Eisner Award winning artist of

Pix’s story unfolds in a series of graphic novels that are a superhero/fairy tale
mash-up full of bold and exciting action, wild and crazy imagination, and slice-of-life drama and humor.

“What a great hero. I wish I had someone like [Pix] when I was a tweenager or teenager!”

Flo Steinberg, Marvel Comics legend

“ARCHIE-style cast + fantasy + great lead character = very fun book.”

Joe Kelly, writer of I KILL GIANTS, co-creator of BEN 10

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Both PIX volumes are available right here on this website in the online store.

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Both PIX volumes have been assessed for Reading Level and Common Core values. If you’re interested in that information, click here.