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PAWS is a current work-in-progress

(not yet available for purchase)

Six years ago, the Professional Animal Wrestling Syndicate (PAWS) shuttered when Ty Garrison, “The Battling Bengal,” died in the ring. Now, a PAWS revival has Safari City buzzing.

Ty’s son, Jason, feels the temptation to wrestle as his father did…a path not without obstacles and challenges.

Jason’s mother has done everything in her power to keep Jason away from all things wrestling.

Jason’s friend, Elwood, finds quick success which causes rifts among their group of friends.

Abraham Wu, Battling Bengal’s former rival known as “Pandamonium,” offers to train Jason, who finds himself alongside other prospective new wrestling stars.

And a masked wolf, “Lobo sin Nombre,” provides Jason some unexpected inspiration.

In the end, will Jason have what it takes to win the tournament crowning the new PAWS champion?

PAWS is a hybrid prose/graphic novel. Here are some examples and “work-in-progress” images of how I’m developing the story:

working out in thumbnails how the illustrated text could lead into a comic sequence…
finding the right visuals for the Garrison family of tigers…
more character design…
a selection of the PAWS populace…


    • gschigiel

      I’ll keep that suggestion in mind. I can’t help wonder what kind of animal you think “Randi the Amazing” ought to be.

  1. Amy

    If you’re taking requests, I’d like to be Amy “the Big Cheese” Boucheron, a French goat who makes terrific fromage de chèvre on the side. (Unless that’s gross. Is that gross?)

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